hands on clear water


I had the chance to work with many organizations already but so far, this is among the best. They do not simply give supplies to those who need it but they create a sustainable solution which is for the best. In that way, the problem will not persist and can already be solved accordingly.


It makes me feel guilty to read about the people from Africa who need clean water. Our source is abundant here in the community while there are those who beg for even just a drop. My heart cries for them and I am thankful that there is an organization like Agua Clara LLC who makes an initiative. That way, they will see hope amid the dark circumstances they are in at the present. I just wish that more people would show the willingness to help. Let us all encourage our loved ones and even neighbors to help make a change.


I am grateful that Agua Clara LLC is taking the initiative to impart their knowledge to others. Their move to raise awareness is a good step to initiate more actions that can mitigate the sufferings of many people around the world. Let us answer their call for action and help save the world.


This organization is very helpful in educating people. To be honest, living in one of the cities of the United States, I feel spoiled. I took for granted the resources I have access in. I forgot that there are people out there who do not have them. Now that I know, I am going to make sure to do my best so I can help. I am going to encourage other people as well so that there will be many of us who can do something. I just wish that this dilemma can be solved in the near future.