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We welcome all inquiries here at Agua Clara LLC. We hope to always be of help to the people around us. That being said, we have collected here all the common inquiries we receive on a daily basis to serve as a reference by those people who frequent our site. Make sure to read them for your information. Just in case you have additional questions, you are free to contact us at the details provided at our Contact Us page.

Q: Do you accept volunteers?

A: Agua Clara LLC is always open to those who want to make a difference in this world. We accept volunteers here. In fact, we specifically have a volunteer program for those who wish to take part in our advocacy. If you wish to volunteer, all you need to do is to download the application form that can be found at the upper left-hand side corner of the Contact Us page. Populate it and send it back to us. You can receive a confirmation email from us once done and expect a representative of the organization to contact you soon.

Q: In what way I can help?

A: There are many ways to help. You can apply as a volunteer or you can just send to us a donation. We accept them in both cash and kind. Also, you can help by just raising awareness in your community.

Q: How to donate cash?

A: For cash donations, you can send them via deposit at the account of the organization. We highly discourage you to send cash by mail. You can send a check, however, and it should be under the name of the company. Also, we accept now donations via PayPal and via wire transfers.

Q: How to get news from the organization?

A: You can get updated by signing up for our newsletter. You can also visit our site regularly to be informed.