why do we need hot water in our home

Why Do We Need Hot Water In Our Home?

Most homeowners in Brisbane areas such as Chelmer, Kenmore, and Indooroopilly are recommended to install hot water systems. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself the benefits of hot water apart from a warm shower? Well, you will be surprised.

There are many benefits that come with having hot water in our homes. If you are thinking about it for the first time, well, here are some of the reasons why we need hot water in our homes.

Water Conservation

Most homeowners don’t know that having hot water helps to promote water conservation. Do you know that you could be using more water with a cold-water supply in the house? Some house chores such as laundry and washing dished, use less water with hot water. That’s how you conserve water in Brisbane.

But you need an efficient hot water system for hot water supply. Plumbing customers in Chelmer and Indooroopilly have experienced hot water system failures due to their hot water system’s age, as many buildings in those suburbs were built a long time ago. Hot water system plumbers in Kenmore likeĀ Hot Water Brisbane are doing a thriving business in hot water installations and plumbing services, not to mention bathroom remodelling.

Making Some Chores Easier

cleaning sink with hot water and soap

If you do home chores such as cleaning dishes and laundry yourself, you must have noticed that it’s difficult with cold water. It will take you a long time to finish a simple chore such as washing oily plates when using cold water. But most people don’t realise this until their hot water system fails.

Hot water helps to remove the dirt on dishes and other the surface faster. It melts the oil on the plates to dislodge the dirt faster. Hot water also makes the cleaning and washing detergents work more effectively. So, you need hot water in our homes to make most of these chores easier.

Hot Water Improves Our Health

health woman

Another reason why we need hot water in our homes is to improve our health. Most people drink water directly from their taps. We know tap water usually travel from long distances before reaching our homes. Along the way, it collects harmful germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. These are health risks that can cause serious illnesses.

When water is heated, it kills most of the harmful microorganisms. So, the water from your tap will be safe than drinking one that’s not heated. That’s one of the ways that hot water in your homes helps to improve your family’s health.

Reduce Pipe Clogging

Another benefit we can get from a functional hot water system is reduced pipe clogging. In most cases, water supply pipes can get clogged by chemicals and sediment deposited for a long time. The cold water is known for clogging supply pipes. The chemical in the water usually reacts with pipes to create nasty build-ups.

But hot water has most of the chemical components changed by heat to avoid reaction with the pipes. That’s how you prevent nasty build-ups in the pipes. So, you will rarely have burst pipes in the house when you have a hot water supply. That’s another good reason to install a hot water system in your home.

Reduced Drain Clogging

fixing drain clogging

We know the inconveniences caused by clogged drains. It even gets worse if the entire sewer line gets clogged. You can’t flush the toilet, use the sinks, do laundry, or use the dishwasher. Everything in the house will be at a standstill because you have no way of dealing with wastewater.

Hot water helps reduce drain clogging by removing grease build-ups on the pipes’ walls. Grease forms one of the most stubborn clogs in our drains. By flushing hot water down the drain, you will dislodge grease build-ups. This helps to keep the drain pipe wide and clear of clogs. That’s hot water that helps reduce and remove drain clogs.

Reduced Plumbing Line Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a plumbing system can be very expensive. Sometimes, you experience costly repairs such as fixing floods from burst pipes. Other times, you have a leaking pipe in the wall messing up your interior. But with hot water running through your plumbing, the cost of maintenance will be lower.

With less chemical reactions in pipes and reduced build-up, there will be no need for frequent maintenance. Hot water also helps to reduce drain clogging, which is one of the most expensive plumbing problems to fix. So, with hot water, you will reduce the cost of maintaining your plumbing system.

Increases Plumbing Lifespans

Running vintage faucet with hot water

The other reason why we need hot water in our homes is to improve our plumbing lifespan. Unlike cold water, hot water reduces the wear and tear rate of everything in your plumbing system. From the pipes to plumbing accessories and appliances, you will get their lifespan extended with hot water.

With less chemical reactions in the pipes, it means less wear and tear. So, water supply pipes will last for a longer time with hot water. Plumbing accessories such as taps, faucets, showerheads, and shows less wear and tear with hot water. The same case goes for plumbing appliances. If you have a water heater or water filter in the house, it will last longer. That’s how your plumbing lifespan will be extended.

Improved Comfort

little girl relaxing in a hot water tub

Can you imagine a home without hot water? Most of us can’t even imagine it. You’ll probably need to take a cold shower, which is a scare for most people. A cold shower is also not good for the elderly and children. Most of the house chores that require water, such as cleaning dishes and laundry, will be difficult to do. So, warm water helps to improve the comfort of our homes. It improves the efficiency of doing things in our homes.

These are just some of the reasons why you should install a hot water system in Chelmer, Kenmore, Indooroopilly, and other Brisbane areas. Hot water makes things easier and will save you money in the long run. But you need a hot water specialist to help you buy and install the right unit for your home.