Companies Who Support Us, To Help Us Build A Sustainable Future

Companies Who Support Us, To Help Us Build A Sustainable Future

Promoting access to clean and safe water remains our organisation’s main goal. So far, we are happy with the progress we have made since we started this initiative. Today, more and more people are accessing safe water for use, courtesy of this movement. But we cannot take full credit for the achievements we made as an organisation.

Behind the scene are many companies that have come through to help us achieve this goal. Impressed with our work, these companies have been donating products and services. That’s why we would like to help them reach out to more people worldwide.

In appreciating the excellent work that they have been doing, we will name these partners. We will also mention the kind of help they have been offering us. Here are companies supporting our campaign for building a sustainable future:

greeting a business partner

Infinit Accounting

We cannot quantify the contribution Infinit Accounting has made to our campaign. Working behind the scenes, the company has helped us maintain our accounting books and operate efficiently. Running a big organisation can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to finances. Cash flow protection is one of the services we need to run efficiently.

Infinit Accounting have been our accountancy guys behind the scene. They have been balancing our books for a very long time. You might not see them, but their contribution has been immense. If you would like to bring your insurance accounting outsourcing to the future, work with them. They have done a great job for us by donating their time and skills.

Fluid Handling

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this company, you need to visit the Fluid Handling website. This plumbing company has been very active in offering practical solutions to water management. The company is run by talented and experienced plumbers. Quality of plumbing is top notch. Their plumbing systems are installed to help improve water management and user plumbing experience.

a plumber from a plumbing company business partner

What Fluid Handling has done is helping us with free plumbing installations. In places where we are assisting people with proper water management, they have come through to help. They have also helped in installing water filters and provided plumbing awareness for free. Without them, we couldn’t have done so much in creating sustainable solutions.

 Inside Moringa

The name for the company definitely sounds familiar to your ears. It also gives an idea of what the company does. As the name suggests, Inside Moringa deals with the moringa plant. We all know that moringa is one of the most nutritious plants out there. From the leaves, flowers, seeds to the roots, every part of this plant has medicinal value. That’s why it’s widely used in the manufacturing of natural supplements. But InsideMoringa is offering more than moringa supplements.

The company provides innovative ways the moringa plant can be used for water management. The company has been creating awareness on the benefits of planting this tree in our homes. Most people didn’t know that the moringa tree is drought resistant. So, you don’t need a lot of water to maintain it. The company has also been providing us with moringa seeds to use as water filters. The crushed powder makes cheap water filters capable of filtering heavy chemicals in the drinking water.

Real Dirt

Real Dirt is one of the companies that have played a big role in building a sustainable future. It’s an environmental conservation company based in Australia. The company has helped us in creating awareness on ways to conserve water. Having been in the conservation field for years, they have provided us with crucial data on water conservation.

woman holding a young tree to promote sustainable future

Real Dirt has also played a critical role in creating awareness on general conservation. As a water-oriented company, they have been making people more sensitive to issues on water conservation. This is something we could have paid another company to do. That’s why we appreciate their contribution to our sustainable efforts for safe water for all.

These are just some of the companies who support us in building a sustainable future. We are glad that they have been there for us whenever we need them the most. It has been a pleasure working with them, and we hope our collaborations will continue to extend into the future.

Refrigerator Water Filters: Are They Important?

Refrigerator Water Filters Are They Important?

The quality of water across the world has been reducing over the years, and Australia is not an exception. What most homeowners and businesses have been doing is installing water filters to purify water for drinking and other uses. But the coming of refrigerator water filters has made things easier. These are fridges that come with built-in water filters.

However, you need to maintain these water filters properly for them to work effectively. Change filter cartridges as recommended by the manufacturer or a specialist. Fortunately, you’ve got many places where you can buy cartridges for your fridge water filter in Australia.

Are Refrigerator Water Filters Important?

The answer is yes. There are countless reasons why investing in a refrigerator water filter is the best choice you can make. In fact, there are several advantages that these water filters have over the typical water filters. Here are some of the benefits of investing in fridge water filters.

Saves Space

open fridge full of food and water

One of the biggest benefits that refrigerator water filters offer over the common water filter is space-saving. If you invest in the common filters, it will occupy space in your room. But with these water filters, they are designed with the fridge. So. you don’t need extra space to accommodate them. Therefore, if you have small space in your home, you can still use these water filters as long as you can accommodate the fridge. It is one of the biggest benefits these water filtration systems have over the common options.

Convenience (Provides Cool Water)

During the hot months in summer, almost every Australian is looking for cool water to drink. What most people do is purify water using the water filtration system in their homes and then put it in the fridge to cool. The whole process is long and consumes extra energy and a waste of time. But with the refrigerator water filter, you don’t need to do all this. They produce cold water at the dispenser. As the fridge cools the food, it also cools the filtered water in the dispenser. With some dispenser providing water heating features, you can control the temperature of the water as you wish.

Costs Less

When it comes to the overall cost of the water filter, fridge water filters are cheaper. Since they are bought together with the fridge, the cost is lower. So, it will cost you less to buy a complete filtration system compared to purchasing the typical water filter. It is also important to note that some of the filtration systems such as the Samsung refrigerator water filters can purify hundreds of litres before a replacement. That means you will be spending less money on cartridge replacement in the long run. Therefore, the cost is another benefit that fridge water filters have over the typical water filter options.

Always Have Filtered Water Available

pregnant woman drinking filtered water from the fridge

One other advantage that fridge water filter has over the common options is ready filtered water. The filters are designed to purify water and store it in the dispenser storage. So, you don’t need to wait for the water to be filter whenever you need water for drinking. There is always ready water for drinking as long as the fridge is powered, and there was a water supply. That means you will avoid wasting time when you need a quick glass of cool water. That’s another factor that makes refrigerator water filters a better choice for most people.

Less Waste

If you don’t have water filters in your house, the only option for safe water is bottled water. It may appear as the best alternative, but it’s very expensive in the long run. But with fridge water filters, the cost of safe water for drinking will be reduced significantly. Once you have invested in these fridges, the only cost that you need to take care of is the energy bills and the replacement of the cartridges. This cost will be almost insignificant compared to buying bottled water. In addition, you will be promoting eco-friendly ways of purifying water for drinking.

Improved Quality Of Water

Although they market bottled water as safe and clean for drinking, the quality of this water is always in question. Some of this water has got additives which could be harmful to your health. The whole process of purifying bottled water, storage and transportation can lower the quality of the water. But with the refrigerator water filter, you have a quality of water that you can trust. Some of the companies, such as Samsung, have a reputation for quality products. So, the quality of the filtered water is a guarantee.

Makes Water Tastier

pouring filtered water in a clear glass

Ask people who have water filters in their homes, and they will tell you that filtered waters taste better. What most manufacturers are doing today is designing water filters that produce alkaline. Alkaline water is achieved by removing fluoride and chlorine in the tap water. Today, almost everyone is talking about alkaline water and the numerous health benefits this water provides. Alkaline water has been associated with a reduction of acids in the digestion system as well as promoting weight loss. So, it is the alkalinity in this water that makes it taste sweet. The trick is to check whether the water filter is producing alkaline water when buying.

Make Water Healthier

One of the reasons for investing in water filters is to remove contaminants in the water. Over the years, the level of contaminants in the water has been increasing at a very high rate. Drinking tap water exposes you to harmful chemicals and microorganisms, causing diseases. What a quality water filter does is removing all unwanted contaminants in the water to make it safe for drinking. These appliances can also mineralise your water, making it much healthier for drinking.

Refrigerator water filters are the future of water filtration for homes. They offer numerous benefits over the typical water filters. The filters are also cheap, convenient, and offers better quality water for drinking. Fridge water filters are cheap to maintain in the long run. Make sure that you are buying a reputable brand and from a reliable store.

The Importance Of Access To Safe Water

safe water to drink

Lack of accessing to clean and safe water has now turned into a global problem. In fact, we are already in a water crisis stage, where 1 in 3 people globally lack access to safe water. That is according to a UNICEF report. Here in Australia, we are not an exception since some parts of this country are already struggling with access to safe water.

Many consequences come with a lack of clean and safe water. First, we get exposed to serious health problems that cause diseases and death. According to, nearly 1 million people die from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related diseases. That is how serious a lack of access to clean and safe water is.

What Is Safe Water?

There is a lot of misconception when defining the term ‘safe water.’ The fact that the water looks clean does not make it safe drinking and other human use. According to WHO, safe water is ‘water that does not represent any health risk over a lifetime of consumption.’ So this potable water must be tested and found to be safe for drinking.

The Importance Of Access To Safe Water

There are many reasons why access to safe water is crucial for not only human beings but everything that depends on the water. That includes sea animals, which are the most affected by the heavy pollution of the sea and ocean waters. Here are some of the reasons why access to safe water is important.

Improves Health By Preventing Diseases

The first and most important benefit of accessing safe water is to prevent diseases. If we had access to safe water globally, we could be saving more than 1 million lives we are losing as a result of using contaminated water. Some of the diseases that occur as a result of the consumption of contaminated water include typhoid, hepatitis A and cholera. Children are the most affected and contribute to the largest number of fatalities. Most of the contaminants come from sewerage and industrials wastes. So clean water is essential not only to prevent diseases but also to maintain good health.

Improving Nourishment

When saying ‘water is life,’ probably most people do not understand the meaning. Water is everything to humans and flora and fauna. Our bodies are about 60%, and that makes water an essential part of our nutrition. We need an adequate amount of water for our body organs to function correctly. So, if you don’t have access to enough and safe amount of water, then you will definitely have a nourishment problem. In addition, it is water that maintains your circulation. So, when you are dehydrated, there is less oxygen and nutrients supplied to every cell of the body.

family nourishment

Improved Sanitation

Apart from drinking, clean and safe water is also essential for sanitation. You need safe water for cleaning clothes and washing dishes. We also need clean water for shower and cooking. That is because you can contract waterborne diseases if contaminated water comes into contact with your skin. Therefore, safe water is crucial for improving sanitation.

Helps To flush Out Toxins

Our bodies take a lot of toxins from the food we eat to the by-products of our body cells. These toxins should be flushed out of the body to keep it healthy. However, the flushing of toxins relies on how well the body is hydrated. You need to have the body well hydrated for the circulation to be effective to flush toxins out. When one lacks access to safe water they become dehydrated, then they end accumulating more toxins. That is the relationship between removal of toxins and safe water.

Food security

Access to safe water and food security goes hand in hand. Where there is enough clean and safe water, there is also enough water for farming. Note that you cannot do farming with contaminated water because the plant will bring the contaminants to your table. So, for the food security to be realised, we must have access to safe and clean water. That is one of the best ways on how we can promote food production to feed a larger population.

Reducing Poverty

Most of the areas that lack access to clean water also happen to be poor in most cases. There are many ways that access to safe water can help break the cycle of poverty. First, it will reduce diseases hence helping people save money that they could have used to pay hospital bills and medicine. Access to clean water also helps boost farming in poor areas. In addition, healthy people produce more. That’s how the poverty cycle can be broken.

Access to safe water is crucial for human survival. Lack of safe water exposes us to diseases and premature death. That is why we must ensure that we are putting in measures to ensure that more people are getting access to clean and safe water.

Global Water Crisis: Things We Can Do To Help

global water crisis

As of now, water is already a scarce resource. The observation is made based on the ever-growing number of people who have no access to clean water. According to World Vision, more than 785 million people across the world lack access to clean drinking water. Access to clean water continues to bite even the major cities in the world.

However, we have played a considerable part in creating the current water crisis. We are promoting industries and cutting trees. These are two things that have destroyed the environment. All these have led to global warming, a phenomenon that is now biting us hard. The good news is that we can help in fixing the problem.

Here are things we can do to help eradicate the global water crisis:

Use Water Properly

The first thing that we must all do is use water correctly. A lot of water goes to waste, especially in our homes. To some of us, as long as we have water is running out of the tap, we are good. That is why you will find most people brushing teeth or shaving as water is running down the sink drain. We must start by stopping water wastage. Let’s start by installing showerheads and toilets that use little water. All faucets should be fitted with aerators as they help to reduce the amount of water running out of the faucets. We must also fix water leaks in the plumbing system. These are just some of the ways that we can reduce water waste.

Creating Awareness

One of the biggest factors that are fuelling water crisis is the lack of knowledge by the population. Most people, especially in areas that have no formal education, have no idea about where the problem is. That is why sensitization is key in eradicating the water problem. Talk about the problem with the communities so that they can understand what is happening around them. Make sure that the common man on the ground understand what they need to do to improve the situation. With that piece of information, it will be easy to bring everyone on bond. It will also be easy to run a successful campaign.

Promote Water Harvesting

One of the most practical solutions to the global water crisis is water harvest. Most of the driest parts of the world usually experience heavy but short rainfalls. With proper water harvesting, it is possible to eradicate most of the water crisis facing today. In addition, we must have a proper water storage system to ensure that clean water is collected. Digging dams is one of the best ways to store large volumes of rainwater. Such dams can store water for animals and farming. However, at the domestic level, small water storage tanks can transform people’s lives. Such water harvesting approaches will go a long way in addressing the water crisis.

Conserving Environment

conserving the environment

One of the biggest contributed to the water crisis is environmental destruction. Forests have been giving way to farming, amongst other land uses. The continued destruction of forests has contributed to global warming since the available green cover cannot use all the carbon gases being released by the ever-increasing number of industries. That is why environmental conservation is one of the key things that we have to do. We must plant more trees and conserve all the water catchment areas. That’s one of the best ways that we can take care of the environment.

Stop Water Pollution

Industries are the main contributors to water pollution. Some of the dangerous pollutants such as arsenic, lead, and mercury comes from factories. They get into the rivers, where they pollute the water for people living downstream. Agricultural activities upstream also affect the quality of the water for the people down the stream. Therefore, stopping the pollution of water is crucial. We must push for legislation that discourages industries from releasing the effluent into the river and control farming products. That’s one way that we can reduce water pollution.

Addressing the global water crisis requires the contribution of each one of us. There are many things we can do in our own small ways to contribute to this case. We must also practice proper water usage in our homes to reduce wastage. We must also promote water harvesting and push for legislation that discourages water pollution.

Promoting Global Health Through Safe Access to Water

clear water surge

Water is a basic necessity. People need it to live. We may often take advantage of it, but water is equivalent to life. Without water, we won’t be able to hydrate ourselves. We won’t be able to get through our day to day task and we would experience complications especially health-wise. Water is not even just needed for hydrating ourselves. Instead, there are many more uses for this such as for our hygiene, cooking, and even the production of the goods that are being sold in the market. Just imagine the world without water. Hard, isn’t it? But this is the world people are familiar with in many places around the world. These people lack access to clean water.

To say that it is shocking is an understatement. This is because many of us experience an abundance of such a resource. Left and right, we have access to clean water. It is at our disposal and it is up to us how we are going to use it. It is sad, however, that while we are doing this, there are those who are also craving for just a one drop.

This is what Agua Clara LLC is hoping to address. We believe that everyone should have access to clean and safe water. This should not be negotiable and should not anymore require begging from the affected parties. This should be a given especially since this is among the rights of every human in the planet. This is the reason why we made this website as well. We want to raise awareness and initiate a course of action since this is a persisting problem that needs an immediate solution. After all, it is our brothers and sisters who are constantly reaping the negative impact of such a situation. Who knows? We may be facing the same scenario in the future so as early as now, it is important that we already mitigate the problem.

What do we do?

The mission of Agua Clara LLC is to ensure that every individual has an access to safe and clean water sources. We do not simply want to provide people gallons and gallons of water because this is not sustainable and will not replenish itself. What we aim here is to provide a source that will never run out and at the same time will do no harm to the environment. It is not easy and it took us years of studies and research. We even started our headquarters just inside a garage door in Phoenix. There are many people who collaborated just to make this happen and even then, we are still constantly improving and perfecting our craft. It doesn’t even end there because, amid all the solutions that we have designed, we are still in constant correspondence to those people who have the same mission as us. We impart to them our knowledge so that we can all benefit from it. We conduct here many educational programs such as training and seminar to make this happen. We even take advantage of digital technology so that we can have a wider reach. Trust that we are always doing everything we can to make a change, including working with top businesses.

Make sure to follow us here to be always updated on the latest happening about us.